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Day 278 of 365


My adventure on day 278 involved an impact wrench, rotors and new brakes.

I have never worked on a car's brakes. I can change oil and tires but when it comes to taking them apart I have always been apprehensive.

I don't own the tools required for this job so my father was in charge of the morning. My youngest kid was the muscle and we got to work.

Everything was rusty but not so much that we couldn't get it apart. I had fun taking my son's car apart and making it work again. I didn't do this by myself and I was happy to have my father's wisdom and my kid's muscle. We make a great team.

The process was pretty simple. Loosen the lug nuts and remove the tire. Finding the bolt that holds the brakes and rotor in place was a bit of a challenge. The right tools make all of the difference and the entire job took just a few hours. I have to admit that using the pneumatic tools was exciting and SO LOUD.

Day 278 was greasy good fun.

Love & Light

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