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Day 277 of 365

Getting high

It’s day 277 and I have finally accomplished a high ropes course.

My experience started at Aerial Adventures in Lake Geneva. The place has a Climbing tower, free fall, bubble soccer, zip line and a high ropes course. I was only interested in the high ropes but the admission price included everything.

Just to make sure I hit that ropes course with jelly legs I did a quick climb up the 35' tower. The team didn't give me a break. Instead of taking the stairs down they have a lovely free fall. The guide transferred me from the belay line right to the free fall. A few seconds later and I was back on the ground.

That was the start to my morning.

I had a few minutes to catch my breath while the rest of the blue team took their turns. Everyone had a long hesitation just before dropping off that free fall. The climbing instructor's advice,"don't think, just do it." That was my mantra for the rest of the afternoon.

Next up was the ropes course, my reason for being there. The split level structure had 6 obstacles. Heights have always been an issue for me but today I tackled the whole thing. The staff focus on safety made me more comfortable as I stepped across high beams and swinging rope obstacles.

Because I spend a fortune to keep my hip and neck in place I decided not to play bubble soccer. While we were waiting for our time on the zipline there was an accident on the ropes course so the adventure ended.

I will say that I didn't witness what happened but after being on the course I really can't understand how it happened.

Day 277 stretched the sides of my box.

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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