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Day 275 of 365


I started this particular experience in January and although it isn't framed my work is complete.

On day 275 I learned to solder stained glass.

If you've been following you will remember that I started on day 124 just learning to cut glass. In my head I was going to complete this experience in a single day. Little did I realized it would be hanging over my head for so long and that my end result would change purpose.

On day 128 I learned how to clean the edge of the glass by grinding it. This was my least favorite part and if I was better at cutting the glass I might not have needed to grind so much. All of my cuts didn't fit together quite right but filling the gaps would be an experience for another day.

There was a lull in my progress until day 150. That was foiling and it was fun. If you're a stained glass person and need your parts foiled, I'm your gal!

My project took a very long 125 day rest while my life fell to pieces. I was making this stained glass project for mom. I wanted it to hang in the window of the "tree house" that my father built for them. She loved looking out the windows at the flowering gardens she planted.

This would have looked wonderful in her home highlighted by the glow of the sun.

So today as I worked I thought of her. I thought about the symbolism of the celtic knot I was soldering together. Those huge gaps and flaws in the cut and foiled glass have come to symbolize my imperfection as a human being. The triple goddess as a celtic symbol honors the maiden, mother and crone. The three parts of womanhood. That's what attracted me to it as I was choosing the design. Making it a gift for my mom it more appropriately represents the trinity; the father, the son and the holy spirit.

I imagine she and I would have had a wonderful conversation about this masterpiece over tea and shortbread. I would thank her for being all three parts of womanhood and also for loving me from a place of spirituality that honored the sacred trinity.

It is June 21, summer solstice and the longest day of the year. It seems appropriate that all of the pieces would come together now in a perfectly imperfect way.

I am so very proud of this experience.

Day 275

Love & Light

I placed my #365rockdays rock

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