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Day 268 of 365

Go, no Go

Day 268 and I've officially attempted to understand what the Pokemon go app is all about.

On a wonderful sunny summer morning I downloaded and installed the app on my phone. True confession... I have no idea what the point of this game is, but I hope to figure that out during this experience.

I am throwing around countless balls and trying to bop an unpronounceable creature into submission. They will become members of my Poke arsenal.

I played this game while walking through the town of Lake Geneva. There were creatures and stops and gyms all over the place. I collected balls to throw at monsters so I could get more monsters and grow them into powerful monsters.

I think this is the goal. I'm still kinda guessing. I've never played the Pokemon card game so most of this virtual experience is just following directions.

I collected many creatures and made it to level 7. I did this by stopping in the middle of the sidewalk and throwing my balls around.

This is a real thing and I did enjoy myself until my cell battery went dead and it left me with no gaming and no cell phone.

If you're going to play this game, have a wingman who carries a battery backup. Just my suggestion.

Day 268

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock at a pokestop.

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