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Day 264 of 365

Tied up

I’m an artist more than anything else. I love to make messes that touch the heart. Writing every day, even just focusing on sharing my adventures, is art that messes with the heart and not the dining room table.

On day 264 I messed with string art.

From the outside this looks pretty simple. Poke some pins and tie some string. The execution is a little more complicated and if you've been around me with rope, yarn or string you know I'm the absolute best at tangling them all.

I used embroidery floss for this project and I did end up with a twisted clump on my third color. It was going so well.

This was a kit that I purchased mostly for the step by step instruction guide. I used foam board as the base and regular push pins as my anchor points for this piece. I chose the 8 pointed star and got to work. Every part of this experience was relaxing until the tangle. I wrapped and rewrapped until each layer of color came together.

If you haven't tried this, you should. There are hundreds of youtube videos and the materials you need are very inexpensive. I might try a project using my leftover pallet from day 177.

Day 264 was the perfect rainy day experience.

Love & Light

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