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Day 250 of 365


It's a travel day and an early one. The morning was cool and with suitcases in hand I made my way to experience number 250, waffle cone making.

It's 730am. The iron is at baking temperature and the batter has been mixed. I've already tasted the flavor of the morning, vegan lavender ice cream. This was a first flavor for me and as tasty as it is I would rather have a giant scoop of the mint chip or the black licorice.

The sample of treats are gone and I'm ready to roll this adventure into a waffle cone for someone to eat later today. At the Shy Giant they roll these cones by hand. The criss-cross of the griddle is smoking hot and the batter only takes a few minutes to cook into a floppy moldable flapjack.

I've got about 20 seconds to handle the unrolled cone before it starts to get hard. It's hot, and I mean glove hot but I wrapped it bare handed.

It took a lot of wrong to get this right, and even after all of the attempts mine were just passable. My teacher, who can roll a perfect specimen in seconds, is beyond patient with my failures and fixed every single goof-up that I made, and I made quite a few.

My reward for learning the technique?

A tiny sample of ice cream and cone.

Truth be told I've had so many scoops of this delicious ice cream in the last few days that I was absolutely on board with my samples.

Day 250 was hot and pretty cool.

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock.

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