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Day 248 of 365

Fillet of fish

I have never held a whole uncut salmon. I have eaten many fillets but never learned how to cut one.

On my 248th day of experiences I had my moment as an apron wearing fish wife.

If you google that term you will read that there are a few meanings. Many are appropriate to me and that inspires a few giggles.

This morning was exciting and a tiny bit intimidating as I walked beside heaps of beautiful seafood. The salmon are piled high and my teacher is already hard at work

cutting the fish for smoking. This guy isn't messing around and after a few quick demonstrations that

knife is in my hand and I'm chopping the fins and head off this giant fish.

It's amazing and for all of my PETA pals I'm not apologizing for how delicious their smoked fish tastes.

Eyeballs and all I cut away all of the unnecessary bits to reveal a beautiful piece of fish.

Day 248

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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