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Day 243 of 365

Recipe for fun

In march of 2017 I sent a book to my mother. I visited a few amazing human beings who shared this book with me and the moment I read through it I knew that mom would love it and hate it all at the same time.

Honestly, I was being naughty when I sent it. My mother appreciated every part of the book and marked a few pages with post-it notes and business cards. I can't tell you how excited I was to see it sprawled on her butcher block just a few weeks after sending it to her.

We bonded over the vulgarity and laughed at the recipies. This book is one of the few that I wanted to keep after she passed.

For my 243rd first time experience I decided to try one of the recipes inside this cookbook. I didn't have to go solo, my freshly graduated college kid was my right hand.

What did I decide to make?

Tea smoothies!

I know that it doesn't seem like a recipe but this was close to my heart and mom would have been right with me on this new twist to Earl Grey tea. I have never made a tea smoothie and I should mention that this is a vegetarian cookbook so all of the ingredients are animal free.

The entire experience took a few hours and the recipe as it is written is so hilarious you should go to the library and grab a copy. I blended the smoothie in my Ninja and served it in a wonder Woman glass. It felt absolutely perfect. I'm so grateful that my mother had a sense of humor and that we shared it.

Day 243 cooked.

Love & Light

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