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Day 239 of 365

We go on

Not so long ago I wrote and published an article about being a mother titled, Watching you go. I penned this piece after watching my son leave for a semester overseas. He was gone for four months but it felt like something more. In the last few weeks I've had to say goodbye to my mother, to friendships and to family.

When I woke up this morning I had a plan to go to the grand opening of Ikea in Milwaukee. I watched the news and the broadcast put me off on the whole idea. They reported about the traffic and it wasn't even 6am. I rolled over in my bed and contemplated an alternate plan for day 239.

I abandoned Ikea. I think my partner in crime, aka husband and driver, was relieved. I absolutely hate crowds and he heard a report that it could be just like a black Friday event.

I'm out! That shit isn't fun anymore.

I rolled back over in bed and closed my eyes. I woke up and started to tackle my bookwork, as I made my way to a second cup of coffee I heard the buzzing of my phone.

8:14 am and life changes again.

On day 239 my kid was officially offered a space in the masters program at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. The last few weeks have been heavy with emotions, most of which were sorrow.

Today we celebrated. When Nick was in Scotland in 2016 he purchased a bottle of scotch with the intention of opening it when he received his grad school acceptance letter. Tonight we cracked that bottle open and shared it with many of the people who have been support for my kid through this stage of life.

I see greatness in the future. I also see some overseas travel.

Day 239 was Joy.

Love & Light

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