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Day 238 of 365

Not in my garden.

If I confess that I've neglected my home and yard it means that I see the leaning tower of clutter and the bed of weeds growing around my porch and now I have to deal with them..

I've been distracted.

This is where I share how much I hate using toxic solutions around my home. Does chemical weed killer cause cancer? I'm not a scientist but if it makes plants shrivel up and die, it can't be good for my body.

Day 238 was all about non-toxic weed decimation.

The simple ingredients include: 1 gallon of white vinegar, 1 cup of salt and 1 tablespoon of dish soap.

I measured the salt in a 2 cup container and added the vinegar. I stirred this until all of the granules dissolved. I mixed in one tablespoon of soap and poured the solution back into the bottle of vinegar and gave it a good shake to mix it all together.

The real test started after I sprayed the front bed with the mix. It isn't immediate which sets off the patience alarm that this 365 day challenge created. I want those little green weeds to go away. I really don't want to pull them out. I absolutely hate pulling weeds which is why I poured 3 tons of rock around my home.

This is going to be a process. So far the sun is shining.

Day 238 should be killer.

Love & Light

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