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Day 222 of 365

Some assembly required

My triple deuce day was an escape from everything around me. To be honest, this experience wasn't even on my radar. I was looking for some family photographs and stumbled upon a kit to make a kaleidoscope.

At first glance this seems pretty simple. I imagine that my mother got this kit as a gift and planned to assemble it on her own. After reading through the instructions I understand why it's in the box. This kit's instructions were written and illustrated by two different people who had no intention of collaborating on getting to the end result. At no point do the instructions match the pictures and there isn't much logic to the order of things.

All of that aside the parts went together with patience.

That's how I know this was a gift from beyond. Only my mother would set me up with a task that would require me to slow down. She didn't really ask me to do this today but when I found this unbuilt kaleidoscope it couldn't go one more day in pieces.

The most exciting part was assembling the mirrors. The reflective triangle felt like a thing of magic. Once it was glued together I could get a real feel for how beautiful this was going to be.

I can close my eyes and see the joy mom would have had on today's adventure and as I worked I could feel her right there with me. This kaleidoscope would have made her very happy.

Day 222 gave me a new perspective.

Love & Light

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