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Day 217 of 365

Tied up in knots

This day has been pretty long. I managed to get through most of it without any idea what I was going to do. I have to admit that the next few days are going to be pretty difficult for so many reasons.

On day 217 my cousin came to the rescue to teach me to crochet.

This is something that I have wanted to learn for most of my life. She taught me the double crochet stitch. I spent a lot of time making a chain of yarn with the hook that I could have done faster by hand. My cousin was so patient and I felt successful at the end of my lesson. The rhythm of crocheting is much like weaving chainmail and I found it very relaxing once I learned how to be less horrible at it. This experience is going to take a little more than one day.

Day 217 was educational.

Love & Light

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