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Day 212 of 365

Herbs and edibles.

This was the most challenging experience to date. When I decided to go to today's event it was to create something for my mother for Mother's Day. I had no idea the roller coaster that was in store for me.

The Ladies night event was held at the Burlington Garden Center and for my 212th experience I was assembling a vitality bowl.

As an experience I have all the necessary skills to put this together. As I walked through the building I couldn't help but remember the last time my mother and I were there together. My eyes clouded over and I had to stop. If it wasn't part of my 365 day challenge I wouldn't have stayed. This is one of my mother's favorite places. These are her people and for the last few years she has invited me into her green thumb world.

The garden center isn't very big so mom and I covered most of it during our last tea and talk about plants. When I went back to the plant area where the vitality bowls were being created I couldn't hold the tears back.

The amazing woman guiding the mini workshop approached me and asked questions that I struggled to answer. I explained why I was there and she cared for me with a kindness that almost hurt my heart. I had not prepared myself for all of these emotions. I felt lost in this world of plants that mom always led me through. I'm sad to say that I don't remember the name of the woman who helped me but we talked about mom and herbs and edibles that might be helpful while she is fighting cancer and all the side effects of radiation.

It felt good to put my hands in dirt. I chose herbs that smell amazing when I rub my hands against them. I'm humbled by the volume of knowledge inside my mother's head and I can't wait to share this with her.

Day 212 was a mixed blessing.

Love & Light

I panted my #365rockdays rock

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