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Day 211 of 365

I've discovered myself in a bulb of garlic.

Let me preface this by saying that day 211 started at 5:00 am and my senses might have been heightened.

For the last few weeks I have been making bone broth onion soup. I usually start in the afternoon sweating my onions and browning my garlic so it can slow cook overnight. Everything is grown organically and is considered medicine in the cancer fight that continues in our family.

What does this have to do with a 5:00 am wake up? Today I wanted to try something new for me and for my soup. At the butt-crack of dawn, on my 211th day, I roasted garlic.

Don't think this wasn't an adventure for me. This was a process and if nothing else I realized after

18 years of living in this home I have no idea how to use the timed cooking feature on either of my ovens.

I tried . . . I really did.

This is where I had to pry both eyes open and stay awake.

My parents are incredible gardeners. Mom has always had plants growing everywhere, some that appeal to the eyes and some to satisfy the belly. When I was a young girl I remember both of my parents working outside in the huge vegetable garden that they planted. I had no idea what a gift the memory would be. My dad

grows some things of his own, his pride and joy, garlic. It makes sense that his loving hands would tend to the medicinal bulbs that I roasted today.

I will admit that I had to do research for this experience. I didn't want to screw it up. I wrapped three cloves in aluminum foil and dropped a nice clump of coconut oil in the middle. I turned the oven to 400F and set a 45 minute timer. Everything I read gave an estimated time but one said to let your nose tell you when it was ready. At 5:00am this made me laugh.

I went upstairs to get dressed and in about 30 minutes that "nose knows" suggestion became very clear. The scent of that roasting garlic had risen to the second floor and even though my door was closed I understood. My house smelled like an Italian home. I've cooked garlic in a pan 100's of times but it's never smelled so delicious.

I waited the additional 15 minutes and when I opened the foil it was beautiful. After only one experience, I have a roasted garlic problem. I might just do it every morning so I can feel like I'm in my mother's kitchen. I can't wait to taste how it changes the flavor of the soup.

I didn't forget to slice the onions and sweat those together with that garlic. After all, this was about making onion soup.

It was definitely an incredible way to wake up.

Day 211 was a sensory experience.

Love & Light

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