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Day 205 of 365

Don't stand so close to me.

It's day 205 and it has been a very long one.

Since I was a child I have been athletic. I've had moments of "woman power" strength and "I'm down for the count" weakness. One thing I have never been brave enough to try is a handstand.

Here's how I feel about this. Hitting my head and hurting my neck are huge fears. When I was in grade school I could do so many gymnastic exercises but never once did I try to stand on my hands because of the fear of the fall.

Today I am letting that 40 year old fear die.

With a little bit of execution help I made it up the front of the door and on to my hands. One foot on the wall and I was almost up on my own. I'm calling this a win. The fear isn't gone completely but I held my own if only for a brief second.

Day 205 was amazing, hands down!

Love & Light

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