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Day 200 of 365

Super fan and Pho

I'm still in Vegas compiling a list of firsts that you'll never get to hear about. It's impossible to share everything that happened to me and for me today.

I'm passionate about my mission to find help for depression and suicide prevention. Mental health is grossly pushed aside. Today I met an amazing actress who shared her story. Her bravery while sharing a tearful failed suicide attempt touched me. I was standing in a room filled with 700 people who experienced the same moment of honesty. I am humbled by the bravery. This extraordinary actress took the time to speak with me today. If she didn't know, I made it my mission to tell her that what she said and how she said it was important.

There were so many other firsts. I finished it with my very first Pho. It was joy on my lips after a very long day.

My 200th day was life altering and soul honoring.

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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