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Day 197 of 365

It’s a small screen world.

I’m in Vegas baby. It’s not my first time but as you can imagine this midwestern girl is going to bump into many new experiences.

On day 197 I became part of Television City.

The experience is this. I lined up to be part of a group. The adorable ticket agent walked me into a room, mine happened to have 12 stations. I signed in on the super hi-tech iPads and followed screen prompts that indicated I would be watching and reviewing the TV series S.W.A.T.

My viewing summary:

The episode seemed out of context and selected at random. The characters lacked development and it was difficult to connect with any of the action. While watching I had a little box with a dial that I turned from 1-100 based on how much I was enjoying the episode. I never turned beyond the 35 mark.

The experience was interesting. As a funny side note there were a few participants who were pissed to be watching this particular show and they pouted and huffed through the entire hour.

As experiences go this was enjoyable. I’d hoped for a new show. I’ve never watched S.W.AT. before and this didn’t make me a fan.

Day 197 made me feel like part of the television machine.

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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