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Day 195 of 365

What's this green all about?

It's been twelve days since my last green drink overload. I can still taste the dirty wheatgrass flavor on my tongue. If I'm being honest I'll tell you that I have a new aversion to consuming green anything.

On the 195th day I had my very first drink of Matcha.

This was on my list of things to try during the 365 adventures. I knew it was coming. Since my days have a tendency of running together I often find myself at the entry door of a local Starbucks ordering drinks. Today it was my very first taste of Matcha.

At Starbucks they mix their green tea powder in milk. I chose coconut milk. It's such a shift from the horribleness of wheatgrass that I wish I'd tried this first.

I think I found my new summer drink.

Day 195 was quite delicious.

Love & Light

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