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Day 191 of 365

Mobile and Lucas Oil

I learned to use a 3D printer on day 190 and decided to make something from those tiny creations.

On my 191st day I built my very first 3D printed mobile.

The best part of this adventure was using the materials I printed along with a spool of wire I had in a box of craft supplies.

If you’ve ever made a mobile you understand that balance is essential to making it work. I’m not balanced lately but after hours of bending and clipping wire this angel and butterfly mobile is.

I attached a crystal pendant and a tiny Celtic knot to add a few universal energies. I’m planning to hang this somewhere special.

When all was said and done this experience was fun. I don’t suggest you build one unless you have the patience required to make it hang perfectly. I can’t even tell you how much wire is wrapped around my recycling bin.

If this wasn't enough I had my very first glimpse of the Indianapolis Colts football stadium. What's so cool about that? It's right outside my hotel window. Why am I in Indianapolis and not just passing through?

Stay tuned!

Day 191 was an exercise in persistence with a new view.

Love & Light

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