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Day 187 of 365

Healing power of food

I do a lot of things to my body that aren't necessarily great or even good. It's mostly because those things are exciting and they taste or feel good.

In the last 187 days I have chewed, sipped, licked, sucked and bitten some really intense things. I've pushed myself to be outside of my bubble of comfort and that's making this challenge extremely personal and... well... challenging.

What I realized was that I had not explored the healing properties of the food that I eat.

Why today? I had an experience with the negative effects of food. My goal is to fight food with food.

On day 187 I made bone broth onion soup.

Why bone broth?

One magic word, PROTEIN!

Why onion?

The busting up of unwanted mucus.

Our bodies are fantastic machines that can endure a fair amount of abuse and we are designed to self-repair. The key to this reparation is to put clean food in. I can't use cheap fuel and expect the machine that I am to run well.

The process of this soup was as simple as can be. Bone broth is now available and it's organic. I'm trying to keep the base ingredients free from GMO's and chemical growing techniques. I was excited to find onions, garlic and vegetable broth that met the criteria.

I chopped a purple onion. I used this type because I love the flavor after it has been caramelized with garlic. My house smelled amazing as the bone broth simmered in with the other ingredients. I'm bringing the entire batch of soup to a slow boil in my crock pot and I'll let is warm on low overnight. What I'm hoping to do is bust up the phlegm from a dairy imbalance.

My fingers are crossed.

Day 187 is an experiment in self care.

Love & Light

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