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Day 184 of 365

A peep show

It's almost easter. When I was a kid there were a few things that were holiday essentials. The Life Saver candy storybook at Christmas and marshmallow peeps for Easter.

On day 184 I went to my very first Peep art show.

This was AMAZING! The Racine Art Museum is a small place and the exhibit was even smaller but it was so fun.

The art pieces were all over the place when is came to themes. Harry Peepter, Jurassic Peep, a Peep flip book, Olympic peeps with a curling team and so much more.

I loved the T-rex made from purple peeps and the Wisconsin state map made from little hacked up bits of bunny peeps. It's kinda disturbing when you really look at it close up.

The best art piece was the Tide Peeps. I nearly peed my pants with laughter.

As experiences go day 184 was exactly what art should be, something new and a treat for the spirit.

Love & Light

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