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Day 183 of 365

Amazing Grass

This morning's experience gave me a new perspective on the old saying, "the grass is greener." I went into this adventure "full on" eager to be energized.

It was mostly just gross.

On day 183 I consumed my very first wheatgrass drink.

This is how it went. In powder form the little packet of greens looks harmless. I poured it into a mason jar so I could add water and shake it. It smelled a little like grass clippings on the mower deck after rain forced you to stop cutting. Not an inviting flavor profile.

My sister thought it was delicious, I'm questioning her sense of taste.

The packet suggested adding it to 8 ounces of water. I opted for 6 and I'm so glad that I did because this stuff still hurts my tongue. Remember how I wanted to wipe that duck off on day 172. I actually wiped my wheatgrass tongue on a napkin.

After shooting the last of this concoction down my throat, I drank a LOT of water so maybe the pro of my wheatgrass experience was getting my daily recommended dose of H20.

As experiences go day 183 was definitely not the kind of grass I will continue to enjoy.

Love & Light

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