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Day 182 of 365

I'm half way there.

On the 182nd day I made an impression... in metal.

There are no accidents in the way that all of my adventures come together. I had a list of things that I wanted to do and try but the spirit of this personal challenge takes control and I find something that I've always wanted to do landing right in my lap.

Today I made a metal charm intended to be a pendant. Since I'm not much for jewelry I decided to sew it to my backpack. The idea came from my sister and I love it.

This was a little bit of a challenge because my tools were tiny. The kit came with everything I would need including metal alphabet stamps. I have always wanted a set and so has my kid. I think he is going to be a tiny bit jealous.

I set up my equipment on the table and read through the instructions. It's not complicated but the pressure to keep the letters aligned was intense. I screwed it up on the first strike so I just went with it.

The actual letter stamps are 1/4 inch so the margin for error is about 1/4 of an inch. I made quite a few errors which in the art world "give character."

This charm has a lot of character in the two inches of material.

I like how it turned out even with the imperfections. It's also a reminder of the work I'm doing with Just Live, inc.

The half way point has come and I marked it in metal.

Love & Light

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