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Day 179 of 365

I'm not quite ready.

Not so long ago a good friend of mine told me that when the apocalypse arrives she's going to come to my house. Why? That's pretty simple, I have the perfect setup or so she thought.

On day 179 I attended a survival expo.

This is how the day worked out. The venue was pretty big and filled from wall to wall with everything I'll need for the end of days.

I found just about any book I might need to create the fully prepped living space.

I didn't spend a ton of time here because I use google and all the answers are just a quick search in the palm of my hand.

I know, when the apocalypse comes the net will be gone. I should be all prepped by then.

I met a cool inventor and enthusiastic survivalist who showed me how to use the tiny stove that he designed. I will admit that I bought one of these because he impressed me with this pocket sized treasure.

I plan to use my foldable camp stove on a future experience so stay tuned for that.

I have a strategy for browsing through these expo adventures. I work from east to west and accordion fold the room. I navigate this way so I don't miss any of the exciting displays or demonstrations that might be tucked off in the corners.

This survival expo had 1000's of products I didn't know I would need when the end-of-times comes. It made me wonder if I really want to play the "Just Survive Somehow" game.

The table that didn't really surprise me, the endless line of paper targets being offered for shooting practice. Every shape and size was on display at a reasonable and disposable price.

I don't shoot often but anything works as a target, just check out day 90.

I expected more weapons for sale at this event but what I saw most were gadgets. If I love anything, it's those little pocket size save the world necessities.

I played with tiny can openers and every kind of multi tool and "emergency" kit that you can imagine. If I had the cash I would be wearing a backpack equipped to clean water, dig a trench and close a massive wound.


When the end comes, food and water are the essentials and there were quite a few pails filled with packets of dehydrated meals. The meals in pails need clean H2O so don't forget the purifier since all clean water will cease to exist in an apocalyptic situation.

Are you getting anxious yet? That's what the expo is trying to do. It's trying to freak you the hell out!!

We made it half way through before running into a table filled with medical supplies. Have you ever started an IV or sutured a wound? The average prepper is learning to do this and I'm trying to figure out why? I guess the world will have a lot of sharp pointy things to get cut on post-apacalypse. I googled these two procedures and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to save your life if either one is necessary. Remember in an apocalypse to hydrate and avoid cutty sharp edges.

On day 173 we went to an RV expo and that event didn't have the tricked out end-of-days cruiser that my survival expo had. This retired military monster had everything you'd need to drive your way to safety; minus the food and water, but it has a satellite dish.

It made me wonder if the grid is "off the grid" when the end of civilization comes. Googling this might have been a mistake.

Don't google the end of days and satellites. That's some scary shit!

There were more tables filled with knick-knacks and knives. Most of these were meant to appeal to the people who watch the walking dead and shows like that. Don't get me wrong, I watch them but I'm not going to buy a damascus bowie knife or a shovel that also works as a hammer, hatchet, saw, pry-bar, carabiner, grappling hook, zip-line, cleaver and machete.

As experiences go, this was so much fun. I would do a survival expo again just because the vendors are enthusiastic and I'm not quite ready for the end of days.

Day 179 was eye opening.

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock.

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