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Day 174 of 365


I've eaten so many new things in the last 174 days. Some have been super delicious and some have not. I try to trust my instincts when it comes to food. Most of the time I just know it's not going to be a flavor for me as soon as it hits my tongue.

Day 174 was a tastebud deception.

The Kumquat, its an interesting tiny treat, or so I thought. How can a mini orange-looking thing be bad? Why have I lived 49 years and a 174 days without eating one?

All of these questions were answered when I opened that small package at 7:am this morning. Here's the deal, sometimes I have to fit my adventures in because taking care of mom is priority. I actually like the food adventures that work as breakfast but this one would have been better during margarita hour.

How do you eat a kumquat?

It's like a cherry tomato. You just pop it in your mouth. That's exactly what I did and it was so much like that first taste of lemon juice that I almost spit it out.

This is the deceptive part. Because this was a personal challenge I kept chewing and the tart of the fruit's flesh started to mix with the sweet of the fruit's skin and it was delightful!

Yep, sweet skin, tart flesh. Go Figure!

Eating this fruit gave me the belly tickle of a hilly swoopy car ride. It's sort of. . . thrilling. There were about 30 pieces in the package and I'd eaten about a dozen before I realized. My mind was was trying to determine how this tasty piece of fruit could be used. I thought about a smoothie but that seems like a waste. I also considered popsicles and that led me to a frozen kumquat margarita. I think it's a winner. I don't drink alcohol very much so I'll keep this idea in my back pocket for a while.

Day 174 was a pleasant treat.

Love & Light

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