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Day 170 of 365

Rubber gloves

In the last 79 days I have probably watched a thousand disposable gloves go into a trash can. They've had blood and urine, medications and feces, lotion and bath soap all over them. That's why people in the medical industry wear them. They want to be protected.

On the 170th day of this personal challenge I'm finally broken. Without giving too much detail we visited the hospital again. It wasn't planned and it involved hours of waiting and... patience. I'm so over being patient.

As we waited for test results I was trying to figure out if my plan for the day was even possible to complete. I watched minutes turn into hours and as 5pm rolled around I knew that it wasn't going to happen.

That's when I got the idea to make something with those damn disposable gloves.

Thank you YOUTUBE!!

Any of you who have been following the previous 169 days will know that today will not be a cute little thing. Once I decided on using that glove the gears turned and my sassy kicked in.

The supplies for this experience were basic: rubber glove, cup, straw, tape and a marker. There was also a cat looking for attention. Get ready kids because this is about to rock your world.

Day 170 blows!

Love & Light

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