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Day 169 of 365


Spring was here just long enough to wake up the sleeping boxelder bugs. They are everywhere and they're freaking me out.

On day 169 I attempted to rid my house of these pests by building traps.

This is a complete experimental experience coming from desperate moments of feeling those tiny creepy crawly legs on my arm while sleeping. You know what I think about after they wake me? I think about them crawling in my ear or nose and it's too much.


I know that they are harmless and I'm not going to die from them but they chose the wrong house to invade. I've sucked them up in the vacuum and that seems just as cruel so instead I've collected some household items: an aluminum pan, dawn dish soap, water and a desk lamp. I know this sounds a little silly but here's the plan.

1. Squirt dish soap into aluminum pan

2. fill with warm water

3. place aluminum pan under lamp

4. wait for them to go toward the light

Is this cruel? I don't care. They are crawling on me in my sleep. That's too much even for this tree hugging woman who caries spiders outside.

I set up this trap at two in the afternoon. I'm waiting until 6 to check it.

I had another plan for the day but these creepy crawlers have pushed me over the edge. I just want to sleep.

Day 169 is all about relief.

Love & Light and maybe a tiny bit of universal forgiveness

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