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Day 162 of 365

Tap, tap, tap

The sun was just breaking on the horizon. I had a hot cup of coffee and a hotter cup of water. I was drinking the coffee and using that boiling water to heat up some plastic tubes.

My mornings are pretty weird and sometimes I can't believe I'm actually still doing this challenge.

On day 162, just before the sun woke up, I was tapping maple trees.

Since it's part of my 365 day adventure its obvious that I haven't done this before. I have always wanted to and never made the time or put together the supplies. It all came together with a beautiful sunrise.

The plan was simple. Drill, tap and collect. It sounds less complicated than making a cappuccino. It should have been but from the moment I couldn't find the right drill bit to the plastic tubing falling off the spire and my precious sap running on the ground, this could have been a frustrating disaster.

I made a few rookie mistakes. I drilled at the wrong angle and pounder the spires in a little deep. I don't want to hurt my trees I just want them to bleed.

The temperature was amazing and everything I read suggests that I should get some great sap. My plan is to collect about 5 gallons and I'll let you know how that works out. If you don't know, this is the first step to making real syrup.

Stay tuned...

Day 162 is looking pretty good.

Love & Light

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