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Day 158 of 365


There are food items that I avoid just on principle. Mostly because of the questionable chemistry

involved in making them. (Thanks Uncle Ed)

On day 158 I consumed a real troublesome food spread, Nutella.

If you look at the ingredients, the first one listed is Nutella. Isn't that like defining a word by using the word? First no-no rule in english class!

SMACK MY HEAD!! That was the actual split to describe the ingredients. I take it all back.

So the mystery of what Nutella actually is, mostly sugar. I decided on this "snack break" because I knew I would never ever eat this unless it was for this experience. I opened the container and it looks like smooth excrement. It smells like hazelnut which is a favorite nut that I enjoy inside my Toffifay. This spread isn't very appetizing to me at all!

My portion was modest and I used the little cookie breadstick to take a bit.

I'm still solidly convinced that this chemistry is not worth the damage it will do to me nutritionally. I gave it a second taste just to be fair and it was just as horrible as my first bite.

As taste testing goes I'm passing on this "spread." I'm not even sure how I would make a real snack out of this if I had a "proper jar" of it as the packaging suggests.

Day 158 was a NO-go on the tastebuds.

Love & Light

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