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Day 157 of 365


Day 157 involved some leather, a few studs and a bit of muscle.

Did you ever start a project after searching and searching for the right tool so you settled for what you could find? That's how my experience went today. I needed to make my very first leather choker but couldn't find the hole punch. This entire project required making many holes in some very thick black leather.

It's a good thing that we are obsessed with knives and weaponry in this house because I found an extremely sharp and pointy one that I used to create all of the holes I needed.

The rest of the project went well. I had planned to attach more studs but what I purchased just didn't have the strength to penetrate my leather. The

experience has a purpose. I plan to wear it to a costume fundraising event. I'll add a photo once the rest of the costume is put together.

Day 157 wasn't kinky but it had a lot of leather.

Love & Light.

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