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Day 156 of 365

Rubber Roof

I’m not a roofing expert but today I learned a bit about it.

Day 156 was an absolutely blind experience that my guy registered me for. It was a women’s event with a focus on heat welding. I had no idea what it was and for that reason I was totally in.

This was a two hour event. The first hour was an endless lecture on rubber roofing materials. The speaker went on and on about the different types of rubber, pvc and other compounds used to cover a roof deck. I was the only non-industry attendee and I felt it. I sat in the front of the lecture space and that was a mistake because the instructor must have noticed the blank stare on my face every time he introduced a new product. ONE HOUR! I was so excited when we moved out into the demonstration area.

Here's the truth about today's experience, there was ZERO welding. This is glorified hot gluing. The general idea it to overlap the edges of the roofing material, use a weirdly shaped heat gun to soften the rubber and melt it together. NOT WELDING! There was no sparking and no fire. I had hoped for both and dressed in my blacksmithing clothes right down to the steel toe shoes.

You don't need steel toe shoes to glue rubber roofing together.

The experience was still very satisfying and I did learn a lot about adhering materials to a new or damaged roof. FYI, the bullet you shoot in the air lands of rooftops and can actually puncture the material. Who knew that people still shot their guns up in the air.

Day 156 was educational and fun.

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock.

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