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Day 155 of 365

Springing spring

Today's experience went well but it wasn't how I planned to do it. It was definitely a first but I wanted someone special to be involved. When I invited mom to help me she said it was too messy. She was absolutely correct but I didn't really care about making a mess. She did and I decided to let her rest and do this all on my own.

On day 155 I let the master gardener take a nap and I made my very first seed bombs.

Mom is an amazing plant whisperer and lives for gardening. She's spent many hours planning events to teach anyone about her passion for plants, flowers, herbs and things that grow in the dirt.

That's why I accomplished this adventure in her honor.

The process was super messy, mostly because I had to squeeze all of the liquid out of the paper I made into juicy pulp. This was very similar to my paper making adventure on day 7. I poured an entire package of wildflower seeds in after liquifying my recycled paper. Instead of sieving the pulp I hand squeezed all of the liquid from the slop and pressed it into a silicon candy mold.

There's a patience factor to this day and I ignored it yet again. I popped my little flower biscuits out on to the drying rack long before I should have. They look amazing and the flower shape of the mold makes for a perfect finishing touch.

I love these messy experiences. I am hopeful that when mom feels like making a mess she will help my pop these little seed bombs in the ground.

Day 155 was another perfect first experience.

Love & Light

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