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Day 154 of 365

Food of the gods

There are things that I've chosen not to eat because they look horrible and there are things that just never made it to my dinner table because they're impossible to find.

On day 154 the juicy delicious persimmon made its way into my kitchen.

I bought this piece of fruit in a beautiful orange hue. This particular variety is the Fuyu Persimmon. There are other varieties but this one was all I could find in my local grocery store. In the future I might look for other varieties to compare.

I cut this piece of fruit in half pulling it away from the stem leaves. The skin is pretty tough so I cut that away to get to the very juicy fruit inside.

Here's the amazing... this was so sweet and then it was a little nutty. The flavor was so familiar but I couldn't place it.

This is my new favorite fruit. It was reasonably priced and if I can find it again I might just add it to my kombucha that's brewing in the pantry.

Day 154 tasted so very sweet.

Love & Light

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