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Day 153 of 365

Butter up

Today it rained. The buildings I spend most of my days in are so dry I welcomed any moisture even if it was outside. A few times a week I become the bringer of moisturizer when I take care of mom with lotion provided by her nurses.

Today I wanted to make a gentle massage lotion for tender skin. I also wanted it to be simple, using real ingredients.

On day 153 I made a simple, all natural whipped body butter.

I happen to cook with coconut oil which made this an easy experience. I scooped that with some shea butter, hemp oil and my essential oils for fragrance. I read a few articles on how to mix my ingredients and I chose to work them at room temperature which makes the creamy last longer. My shelf life is a few weeks which is fine since I expect this to be gone by then.

I used my hand mixer to blend everything into a creamy frosting consistency. I decided to make three different blends, Frankincense, peppermint and a special combination of my favorite aromas.

It went well and I bottled them in small jelly jars. I'll use them tomorrow when I visit my mom. I can't wait to see what she thinks.

Day 153 was smooth as can be.

Love & Light

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