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Day 149 of 365

Feast or famine

It's Thursday February 15th, in Wisconsin. A few days ago I almost got stuck in the foot of snow at the end of my driveway.

When I look at my list of adventures I try to plan them so I can take advantage of things like 12 inches of fluffy white snow. I should have known that if I waited I might miss my opportunity.

On day 149 I attempted my first snowshoeing adventure.

To execute this perfect plan I loaded up my car with everything I would need to have a wild experience in the deep beautiful white snow. When I was able to get outside today it was 42 degrees. I jumped the puddles in the parking lot. This plan was looking like a total fail but I decided to give it a try. I'm not sure when or if this chance will come before spring.

My snowshoes are interesting. They're designed to hold an average adult's weight. I feel like I'm average in size so I secured these floppy platforms to my winter boots and stepped onto the slushy white-ish snow.

Did I mention the slush?

Snowshoes are meant for snow and what I ended up doing was slopping around on some muddy gloppy snow-cone smush. It wasn't ideal but it was fun. My feet felt light for the first part of the walk. I was able to stay on top of the areas that were still deep with that white fluff. Anywhere the sunshine hit the earth today it was dirty muddy brown glop. This isn't fun or lightweight and definitely NOT what snowshoeing is about.

I continued on. I wanted to find some animal tracks and follow them in to the woods but there was so much mud. I made the most of my snow adventure. If it returns I might travel out to a local state park and take advantage of some hiking trails in the winter. That's what I was really hoping for.

Day 149 was a sloppy good time.

Love & Light

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