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Day 148 of 365

Thaw and freeze

I have no idea how I would have made it through the last months without youtube. I created my own channel during this adventure so that I could share videos of the really wild and crazy things I've been doing. Truth be told, I had wilder things in mind but spending half of my day at hospitals has changed everything about my original intention.

I've encountered an immeasurable amount of science in ways that I also never intended but most of it has been about transformations. I really wanted to experiment with freezing water and watching that moment when what is liquid becomes a solid.

On day 148 I played with freezing water.

The process should have been simple.

Get water.

Make water really cold.

Watch it freeze.

Science and the forces of nature change water to ice every day in some place on this planet. I had a difficult time doing it in my kitchen.

It really is all about timing. The water has to be just on the edge of freezing before I shock it in to solid form. I tested 6 different bottles and had minimal success with all but 1. Most of it was just realllly cold. one was already slushing to solid. The interesting part is that all of them went in to the freezer at the same time. Science is so weird.

The final bottle started to turn just as I attempted to pur it and it was amazing to watch.

I call day 148 mostly successful.

Love & Light

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