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Day 147 of 365

Right of passage

In 218 days I’ll be a 50 year old woman. I’ve spent the last 146 days doing so many new things but I have to pause to appreciate my youngest kid turning 21.

Most 21 year olds celebrate with their peers and get trashed and vow to never drink that way again.

I didn’t turn 21 that way and neither did my youngest kid. He celebrated tonight with me.

We honored my father who turned 80 on the same day. How do you celebrate turning 21 and 80 on the same day?


I quit drinking last July.

Tonight I had my first “Rusty Nail.” It’s a combination of Drambuie and Scotch and it knocked me for a loop.

It tastes like an old smoked pipe. My father was a pipe smoker and I might have tasted a pipe once or twice in my life. This is a hard drink to enjoy.

I feel like we did the moment well. No naughty drunkenness. Just a respectful slow sip of a wonderful man’s favorite drink.

Day 147 was one to remember.

Love & Light

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