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Day 144 of 365

I fly

So there are things I said I would absolutely NOT do during this adventure and skydiving was mentioned very specifically.

On day 144 I attempted an indoor flight in a wind tunnel. This was my skydiving.

The buildup was a tiny bit intense as parking in the city is a full contact sport. Maybe it’s a setup to make me dizzy and test my ability to do the tunnel. Either way we made it in to the actual building. That felt like an accomplishment.

The staff at this facility did an amazing job of checking us in. After a quick orientation video they gave us the cute flight suits to wear. My family came with me and we each had completely different flights.

The gear is basic. I wore ear plugs for the noise and goggles so I could actually open my eyes inside that wind tunnel. The helmet is an obvious necessity and the flight suit is as much a tool for guiding me and it was comfort for the experience.

I went in to this with a healthy bit of fear and a huge amount of excitement. Scotty, my instructor was amazing and by using hand signals he was able to guide me in the proper position so I could feel like a flying being.

Actual fly time is short and I would have liked to do a few more minutes but this was a real true out of my box adventure.

Day 144 was nothing I've ever experienced before and I would probably do it again.

Love & Light

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