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Day 143 of 365

Minty fresh

If you've been waiting to find out what that gum paste was for, the wait is over.

On day 143 I created my very own curiously strong mints.

This was my plan all along. I went to a vendor fair and in the dark corner hidden between an overpriced handbag booth and a Pampered Chef table was an adorable woman selling home made soaps, balms, salves and mints. She was also selling food grade essential oils which was her min gig. I didn't want to buy anything but it did get me thinking about how and why I didn't do this for myself.

I've already made the soaps and to be honest that's not much fun but today was actually enjoyable.

I had two favorite flavors in mind, licorice and peppermint. I used Anise extract and a young living oil of peppermint that I won at a Breast Cancer fundraiser that I was actually a vendor at. Weird circle moment there.

The gum paste rested overnight and I mixed the Anise extract in to it. I wanted to give these a little black licorice tint so I used my food grade activated charcoal from day 121. It worked perfectly and I spent about 10 minutes blending the color evenly.

The most time consuming part of this experience was punching out the mints. I used two straws of different sizes to make this happen. One was for cutting and the other was for extracting that cut. It was a great design and with Wonder Woman playing in the background I hand cut a few hundred licorice and peppermint mini mints. Once they were all cut I put them in powdered sugar to help absorb the moisture and laid them out to dry. This is an overnight process but as I type they look amazing and I can't wait to give them a taste.

Day 143 was a total hit.

Love & Light

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