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Day 140 of 365

My face

I have done a few adventures that involved some glimpses at vanity. I’m a very simple person and pretty low maintenance. I don’t put a bunch of goo on my skin so it’s pretty clean.

Stress is my big enemy right now and advocating for mom’s care is at times overwhelming.

It has started to show on my skin so on day 140 I gave my face a break. I did my first ever paper facial.

Here’s the deal. Home made masks can be done with simple fresh ingredients but I found a really cool all in one that was perfect because I didn’t have to make the paper cutout and soak it. It can be done using a paper towel but that can wait until next time.

I opened up the pouch and unfolded the mask with cautious hands. The material is pretty flimsy but its also very lightweight on my skin. It didn’t fit my face so I had to fold a few areas over to compensate. I could feel the fluid immediately. It’s soaked with tomato juice and other secret ingredients that I’m hoping are gobbling up all of the gross crap in my pores.

10 minutes later and I pull it away to fresh tingly skin. I quick rinse and pat and I can feel the skin of my cheeks tightening. I admit that it felt amazing and I wish it was healthy to do more often.

Let's face it, day 140 was perfectly refreshing.

Love & Light

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