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Day 136 of 365


I heard that Puxatony Phil saw his shadow this morning. I'm not sure why we take weather advice from a giant rodent that burrows through the yard but it got me thinking about spring and all of the beautiful flowers that pop up every year. The thing is, those treasures were planted in my yard. Many of them came from my mother.

My incredible mother is a master gardener. She has spent years learning about flowers and plants. She has beautiful gardens and every spring she plans what she will do next. Spring of 2018 will have some slight modifications for now.

On day 136 I had the idea to bring one of her favorite spring flowers inside to her. Since tulips were a topic of conversation with her on day 135, I decided to learn how to make them from paper and plant them in her window at the hospital.

The plan wasn't complex but execution had to happen in stages. Shopping for supplies at 7:00am was sketchy but I found everything I needed before her breakfast meal was served. I explained my plan and her little half grin was all I needed to see.

Mom watched as I made all of the parts and assembled the first flower. I asked if she wanted to help and I got the little wave that she makes when she's OKay to be an observer. I continued. Before long I'd created two more flowers. She asked me to go get her some water and when I returned she had taken over part of the task. This really was a moment of joy. I know it's not the same as digging in the dirt but for that moment we were gardening in our paper field.

I think I could have spent the entire day making those flowers with her but reality set in and we had to tend to the business of healing. When I came home this afternoon my youngest kid and I finished filling her tiny steel bucket with tulips, this time in her favorite color yellow. I think mom would be delighted to know another generation of flower making was born, even if we grew paper tulips.

Day 136 was another hands on day filled with hope.

Love & Light

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