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Day 124 of 365

Stained Glass

I have wanted to learn how to make a stained glass window since I was a child. I'm not sure why I've never done it before.

The process of making this piece of art will take more than one day and I had no idea that each step is so time consuming.

On day 124 I learned the first step and perhaps the answer to why I've hesitated for so long, cutting glass at On a Whim.

Cutting glass seems simple enough, right? It really should be but I have so much hesitation even after a few hours of doing it. The glass cutting tool is very basic and as I roll it across the glass the crunchy grinding sound is extremely unsettling. After tracing and scoring the glass I have to snap it and cross my fingers with hope that it actually separates where I want it to. I had a 75% success rate but was pretty good at placing my pieces so that I had enough material for every piece.

I'm not going to give away what the final project will look like but you get to see the blue colors that I chose.

On day 124 I had the best time overcoming another fear.

Love & Light

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