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Day 118 of 365


I live in the midwest and my least favorite days of the year are when the snowflakes are flying. I hate to drive in it. Shoveling also scores a zero on the fun meter.

When the kids were little we spent a lot of time playing in the snow. Truth is we were mostly shoveling and when my youngest kid wandered off we would eventually play and build in that fluffy white fun. I think the innocence of childhood makes snow an adventure because I haven't found it fun for years.

Since the storm that rolled in last night has pinned me in my house, I've decided to make lemonade from the icy lemons.

On day 118 I turned a pot of snow into a lovely pile of ice cream.

Here's the scoop. <-- see what I did there.

It's a pretty simple process. I used evaporated milk, a bit of sugar and some vanilla extract. I mixed that deliciousness together to build my flavor base. I collected a huge pile of pristine white snow. Don't worry I was careful to avoid anything yellow.

When I put all the ingredients together it made a delicious vanilla ice cream. When I mixed the snow in I was a little surprised by how thick it became. If you haven't tried this you should. I ate more than I expected to. The best part was adding some day 55 sprinkles on top.

Day 118 was a real treat.

Love & Light

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