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Day 102 of 365

Playing the hand I was dealt

Today I found myself in a waiting room with my family. It’s becoming kinda normal. Finding new things to do can be a little challenging and maybe a bit stress inducing at a time that’s already unpredictable.

My kid and my father have been passing time by playing cards, today I grabbed that deck and searched for a new game to learn.

As I searched through google I found a few youtube videos describing a game called Egyptian Rat Screw. The name intrigued me and I decided this was going to be the game. My sister and my niece were up to the challenge so we watched the instructional clips and I dealt the cards.

Here's the entertaining part. The two of them beat me in only a few rounds. This game plays a little bit like slap jack but with some more complex rules. Even after winning a huge part of the deck I was eliminated from the game. I sat for the next twenty minutes while the two of them battled it out. It was actually pretty funny.

As experiences go this one was great and I was happy for the opportunity to include a few more of my family members.

Day 102 was a great escape

Love & Light

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