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Day 99 of 365

Flying balls

It’s the 99th day and officially the last double digit one of my 365 day adventure. It has been a super huge challenge to keep vigil in the hospital and come up with an idea that I can complete without getting kicked out of this place.

Today was pretty good as far as things go. I decided to take a try at juggling. I’ll confess that I made a feeble attempt as this was taking place in an ICU hospital room filled with extended family members who managed to cross paths at the same time.

With humorous instruction my fuzzy artificial snowballs were flying all over the hospital room. The best part, encouraging words from the peanut gallery, AKA Nana. She was very entertained.

I will say that in the end my focus was more on my mother than on the juggle but I was successful at making one loop of threes tosses. I will have to continue this experience as we progress through the next 266 days.

Day 99 was another good one.

Love & Light

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