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Day 98 of 365

Motion sickness

If you are one of those people who can ride a roller coaster, I envy you.

On day 98 I took a spin in the world of VR and it spiraled out of control.

I was pretty sure when this experience was discussed that I was going to get sick. I have a difficult time riding in a bumpy car. I've ridden one roller coaster in my life and I ended up with my face in the garbage can. It ruined the entire day.

So when I hopped in my virtual spaceship and flew I could tell this was a bad decision. If you've been following you'll remember that I have a very hard time with first person shooter controls on the Playstation 4. The VR experience just enhances that because I can't look down at my hands to see the shapes on the buttons. I am completely in the dark. It just comes down to getting lost in space and having no sense of where my body is. The technology is very realistic but it's also a one way ticket to puking in the garbage can.

I've determined that VR playstation games are not my thing. I guess if i'm going to make myself sick I should do it in the real world but after laying down for 30 minutes I think I'll skip all of it and just stick with non-vomit-y experiences.

Day 98 was SICK!

Love & Light

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