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Day 97 of 365

I’ve celebrated the holidays in a lot of places and with many different people but I’ve never had Christmas in an Intensive care unit.

Today’s celebration was hardly what we had planned. This day is usually filled with food, stories, games and maybe a few quarrels.

Christmas 2017 did have moments of joy. The medical equipment, supplied blinking lights and beeping noises. Our carols came from a tiny CD player propped on the corner of the bed. We didn’t celebrate with many of our food traditions but we made an attempt. We nourished ourselves to strengthen resolve no time for gluttony this year.

I’d never choose a Christmas like this, I’m not sure anyone would but I also see the joy happening in this place. An angel spent the evening in our presence. Healing is happening around us followed by moments of strength and peace. The nursing staff created calm and comfort that the presence of a higher power might invoke.

There is good work happening here but it will never replace what we know as Home.

To all of you who follow Merry Christmas. While I'm still sitting here holding my mother's hand I wish for a sense of love and light to all who spend these days in the care of others. I wish kindness and patience for the caregivers we depend on; their desire to help and serve is selfless and I admire it very much.

If you are home tonight send love and light to those who can’t be.

Day 97 was a Christmas first.

Love & Light

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