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Day 93 of 365

Life and monitors

As of 2017 we all arrive on this planet in the same way, through the womb of a woman. For many of us that woman becomes our mother, our mentor and teacher. I've spent the last day and a half watching and waiting. If you've been following this 365 day experience from the beginning you'll remember that patience is not my strongest attribute. So it seems appropriate that my mom would be the one to exercise this weakness in me.

I'm not too proud to admit that this is a part of who I am and I'm working on it. I'm honestly impatient about my patience.

On this 93rd day I'm surrounded by technology that I've never experienced before. The beeping and pulsing of equipment in the corner of the room is telling us everything that is going on inside her. It's like that gadget my mechanic uses to check my car. I don't understand that either but I want all the readings to be good.

What this can't tell me is what's happening to her spirit. There isn't a machine on this planet that can manage this. What I want doesn't matter and when I want it isn't even a consideration. The powerhouse of love, who I call mother, is in charge for the moment but I really don't enjoy this patience thing.

There aren't requests for miracles here, only faith. I have faith that whatever comes to us we will find the love and light to get us through. That means I've invited every entity to bring her the strength she needs to be a fighter. She's a wicked good fighter.

On this 93rd day I'm grateful for the new technology surrounding us.

Love & Light

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