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Day 92 of 365

You're probably going to want to get a tissue.

I've been writing today's experience in my mind since 2am this morning. It was at that moment when my father whispered in my mother's ear, "You're the love of my life, don't forget me."

I've been crying off and on since witnessing that exchange. My mother, my inspiration my mentor and biggest fan in this adventure went to the hospital today. I don't know why parts of the body start to turn on each other. After the last 24 hours I have a thousand more questions than answers. If I am strong it is because this woman has inspired me to be so.

She hasn't only been a mother to me, she is a mother to every stray I've ever brought home with me. She's amazing that way. If you've come for a visit you've probably been fed and taken a nap after because she loves you with food and comfort. That's who she is.

On this 92nd day I didn't know how to turn one of the scariest days of my life in to something that anyone reading could understand.

When I arrived back at the hospital this afternoon I followed the red dots on the floor that led to my mother's room. Thank goodness for those red dots because I might still be wandering the halls of that huge place. I didn't know what to expect when I returned after going home to sleep because the call came and I heard two words, emergency and surgery. I don't remember much about the drive back to the hospital but I made it with just enough time to tell her that I love her.

She wanted me to call and send an edible arrangement to the staff who took care of her. Even as they rolled her out the door for surgery she wanted to bring comfort and food to others.

I love her for that.

When I left the hospital tonight she was in a very deep sleep. She was covered in blankets with tubes and wires running in every direction. She looked beautiful and her extraordinary strength of spirit was lighting the room.

I want her to wake up, and ask me what my adventure was. She told me it's one of the first things that she looks at in the morning. I want her to remind me to send that edible arrangement, but most of all I want her eyes to open. I want her to look at my father and see the love of her life reflected back in the gleam in her eyes.

Day 92 was long, exhausting but I love my mother & father and am filled with gratitude.

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