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Day 91 of 365

When you call 911 you have expectations that people are going to come. That's why they are there. I've had personal experience being in the back of an ambulance but until today it was never as a caregiver, only as a person in need. I hadn't realized what it took to be the person who arrives on the scene.

Today's adventure started at 7:00 am. To say I was nervous would be the understatement of this 365 day adventure. I have a huge respect for human beings who face the complete uncertainty of working emergency services.

I spent the day shadowing the guys of the Lake Geneva Fire Department. It happened that all the people working today were men. I settled in as breakfast became the first order of business. We met around the table and after introductions we hit the ground running.

In emergency services they work with constant uncertainty. They spend their non-rescue moments preparing for the rescue ones. It didn't take long for the alarm to sound and we were in the ambulance and out the door. As an untrained observer, so many things were going through my mind, I can only imagine how it is for the full time team.

In a few minutes the jovial crew transformed in to a streamlined team of caregivers. I watched in awe. I'll admit that I didn't expect to be so surprised. Their ambulance is a rolling ER, minus some drugs. They're trained to react. You don't have time to think you just listen, observe and respond.

After that call we returned to the station to finish checking every emergency vehicle in the department. Readiness is the key. They know a call is coming but there is never an idea of what, so every scenario is possible. I don't think I could have that much uncertainty in my daily life. I think that's why I appreciate this crew so much.

I was welcomed with open arms and it was humbling. I didn't expect this to impact me the way it did. I'm not sure I have it in me to become a regular part of this team but I'm proud to have spent the day learning about the sacrifices made in this profession.

Day 91 brought new awareness. Huge thanks to the L.G.F.D. You're an amazing group,

Love & Light

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